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Bike Info and Rentals

Our Bikes
For all our tours we use well-known makes of mountain bikes with lightweight alloy frames, 24-speed gearing, v-brakes and Shimano components. Mountain bikes all have front suspension.
we have a fleet of  TREK 4400 & TREK 3900 mountain bikes. Our bicycles are available in sizes ranging from 13 inches to 22 1/2 inches. Please note that a certain frame model is not guaranteed.

Bike Info and Rentals

Trek Bike

Maintenance Bike Info and Rentals
Cycling  Bangkok – Bangkok bike rental  have professional mechanic take care of bikes.To ensure the cycle.
See Trek 4400
See Trek 3900
Cheap-Bikes for Rental
If you want to go alone or just need a bike for a day, the following are rental prices per day from Bangkok:

No.of days rental

      1 – 7

       8 – 14

        15 – 21

       22 Up

Mountain bike

Price per day

   THB. 350

    THB. 300

    THB. 270

   THB. 250

***** We require a cash deposit of THB 12,500 for each bike rented.   Book Now

We rent helmets for THB 40 per day and require a THB 1,000 deposit.
A rear bike rack can be rented and fitted to any of our frames for an additional THB 40 per day.
Replacement tubes, pump, tools etc are not included with the rental. Please make sure that you have these necessities.
Please note that if you are renting a bike for use on one of our tours, we take care of the replacement parts/maintenance of the bike.
Mechanical disclaimer – ข้อจำกัดความรับผิดชอบเครื่องกล: Generally, it is the responsibility of the renter to maintain the mechanical suitability of the bike after it leaves our shop. All bikes leave our shop adjusted, greased, lubed, and prepped. Mechanical failures caused by the user are not entitled to a refund (this includes chain, derailleur, shifters). Flat tires, broken spokes, etc are not entitled to a refund. If CBkk determines that a mechanical failure was due to circumstances unrelated to the user, then we will determine an equitable refund solution. Any damage to a frame or its parts will be assessed a fee for replacement (ie. a broken chain). Please be a responsible rider.
How to get to the CBKK ? ( For rent a bike)
– Cycling Bangkok -

Bike Info and Rentals.




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