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Cycling tours in Bangkok-Bangkok’s Chinatown

Cycling tours in Bangkok-

Bangkok’s Chinatown


The old market in Bangkok's Chinatown














When Bangkok was designated as the capital , the Chinese traders who had occupied the banks of the river were moved downstream to make way for the Grand Palace. They resettled in the area known as Sampeng, which is still the city‘s Chinatown. The district is close to the southern curve of the  Chao Phraya;s broad loop and is traversed by Charoen Krung road (New road)and Yaowaraj Road.
The area is characterized by narrow streets jam-packed with shops and stalls offering an exotic mix of merchandise. The whole area is pervaded by a frenetic air of commercial activity. Gold shops, always painted red and white and making much use of mirror glass, are Chinatown’s most famous retailers. But you will also find many goods that may be described as ethnic traditional medicines made from tiger bone, snake wine and other ingredients unheard of in the Western pharmacopoeia colourful  paper models of houses, cars, refrigerators and other symbols of material success which are burnt at funerals to ensure the deceased every comfort in the hereafter. All this merchandise and more is found piled high amid a jumble of buildings crammed into seemingly impossible spaces thronged by hordes of buyers and sellers.

Cycling tours in Bangkok-Bangkok’s Chinatown

Chinatown is the sort of place to get lost in happily, wandering where fancy takes you and seeing whatever there is to be seen. The most typical of the district’s streets, however, is Sampeng Lane (Soi Wanit). This long, narrow pedestrian way is packed with all sorts of stalls while at its northern
End is Pahurat Cloth Marker, popularly called the Indian Market, with a contrasting mix of ethnic goods, notably fabrics.
Also in Chinatown between Charoen Krung and Yaowaraj roads is Thieves Market, more correctly called Nakhon Kasem. No longer the “fence’s” showcase that gave rise to its popular name, the market offers a mix of modern goods and antiques cum objects d’art. Brassware is abundant and other food buys include gongs , chests, cabinets and other old furniture, Chinese porcelain and snuff bottles.
There are a few Chinese temples tucked away in Chinatown,the most important of which is Wat Leng Noi Yi  on Charoen Krung, At one time Bangkok ‘ leading Chinese temple, it has a fascinating collection of statues and images, of various Chinese deities and of the Buddha, while in the compound are workshops turning out paper funeral offerings.
(A Guide To Thailand by John Hoskin)
Everybody can visit Bangkok’s Chinatown by bicycle or we call this program Cycling tours in Bangkok.

Cycling tours in Bangkok-Bangkok’s Chinatown

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